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We believe in real food.




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Your food, our passion.

We are a 7 factories farm based in Qatar and we work to deliver fresh, natural, and healthy food to every family in the country.

Our products are 100% natural, chemical and antibiotics free and our teams are trained according to the highest-quality standards.

Mazzraty is proud to be the first in Qatar to involve a full cycle of production, which guarantees full quality control, and the healthiest tasteful food to your table.


+974 800 4499

What's for lunch?


You can share your best chicken recipes with us!

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We are selecting the most delicious dishes prepared with Mazzraty chicken to bring the best flavors to your table. Check our social media and find out all about it.


Fresh is best?

Fresh chickens are healthier once the natural meat keeps full nutritious values and vitamins. This is the way to guarantee serving the best meal to your family, with quality and the best protein.

The difference is at the first bite.

Our fresh chicken naturally conserves the most tasteful and softest textures to deliver health and flavor directly from our farms, to your table.


Our Products

What's going on now?


March 22-28, 2018

We are glad to participate in our first exhibition in Qatar to introduce our products and our facilities to the public. 

Commencement Date

October 1, 2017

National Group for Agricultural Products is proud to announce the official commencement of our site construction. Its a long way ahead of us and we are excited to go down this fast pace path to Qatar's self-sufficiency.

Abu Samra Highway, Behind Abu Nakhla Petrol Station | Qatar

P.O. Box : 24367 , Doha - Qatar

+974 4421 8466

National Group for Agricultural Products

NGA was established in 2013 as a start to Qatar's path to self sufficiency.

August 1, 2017

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