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A brand by National Group for Agriculture and Animal Products

Is a Qatari based agricultural farm established in 2013, and its activity at that time was limited to the production of Rhodes fields to that is used as cattle feed. In 2016, work has begun on the largest poultry project in the country, with precise objectives indicating the size of ambition and the vision of the group, some have been already accomplished and some are still on-going.

Work at the poultry factory began in 2016, two years later, and precisely in the second quarter of 2018 we started the production of its completely locally grown products that were raised and fed by natural feed free of any unnatural additions. The board of directors has put their eyes on a plan aimed at the self-sufficiency of fresh chicken in the Qatari market and this is no stranger to a facility and projects of this size. The factory is currently working on the expansion into the production of table eggs.

It should be noted that the processing plant has only positive environmental effect taking into account the mass negative environmental challenges that the earth is going through and attempting to save it for future generations to come. Our facility is designed and built based on the concept of developing a working mechanism that does not waste or leave any kind of material left behind at the many stages of the factory before through and after processing. We benefit from this cycle in making and extracting important products such as pure protein, biological fertilizer, and irrigation water.

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