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Safaawy dates are a special variety of dates that melt in your mouth quickly and are very fruity. They are brownish-black in color and have a soft, semi-dried exterior that is wrinkly in texture but not flaky. Safaawy dates are among the favorite dates during Ramadan.


Taste: not chewy, almost melts as it is quite soft.


Contents: High-quality un-pilled selected Dates washed and packed under strict hygiene conditions.

Free from preservatives and any genetically modified materials.

May contain traces of nuts and sesame


Country of Origin: Qatar


Storage: Keep in a cool place


Khayrat Mazzraty

Doha-Qatar, CR 85032


Please contact us 800 4499 or Message us on WhatsApp 5000 4499


Mazzraty Safaawy Dates with Molasses 500g

Please contact us 800 4499 or Message us on WhatsApp 5000 4499

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