Environmental Responsibility

The National Group for Agricultural and Animal Products, MAZZRATY is completely aware of the mass environmental challenges facing the earth. Caused by increased negative effects on the planet producing a climate change situation that we all need to face as a unit to protect our global resources and to reduce the negative impact on our world.

The circle of our production is environmental friendly from A to Z using a variety of facilities to reach a 0% unused byproducts, facilities and materials such as the water treatment facility and the organic fertilizer are helping us keep our project free of any negative impact on the environment.

We encourage all our customers to be fully committed to our environmental and ecological plan that gives us a leading role in the pursue of a green community in Qatar.

Our public responsibility is to raise the environmental awareness level so that our community will be able to play a positive role in the field.

Economic progress should not go in the opposite direction of environmental awareness but can go hand in hand to reach a good path for current business development and future generations environment protection.


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